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  • • OUR PLANET •

    It's our passion for "planet" and "product" that allows us to create luxurious and eco-concious candles - we're kinda unmatched in this industry.

    We carefully source our coconut-soy wax, and fragrance oils from small companies on US mainland. Candles have a low life-expectany because they burn quickly, so we're committed to making the most "planet-friendly" version of this possible. We're not here to greenwash you by any means - we just want our customers to understand that Earth is always a top priority for our brand.

    As we continue to grow, we'll be able to improve the environmental impacts of our manufacturing systems. For now, we're here to give you a plastic-free product, with plastic-free delivery.

  • • OUR ROOTS •

    No matter where we go, we want to stay true to Hawai'i, and the tropical Paradise that turned our dreams into a reality.

    Staying true to our roots in Hawai'i is important for a few reasons. It helps us preserve the unique culture of this island, so we can respectfully share it with the world. There's a beautiful culture that runs through these Islands which is "fabricated" by the tourism industry. F**k that. We want to show how amazing these places are while preserving indigenous culture. Stay tuned as we start hosting events, partnering with local brands, and giving back to the community.

    Each destination we visit is special to someone, and we want to capture that in the most authentic way possible. This brand is an extension of adventure and culture from our favorite places on the Planet.


You might think it's weird to associate as a "travel" and "candle" brand - but that's exactly what we are.

We're creating products that inspire exploration, while reinventing the standard of sustainability in the tourism industry.


Paradise isn't just Hawai'i - it's ski towns, surf towns, the desert, the mountains, and everything in between. We try to find a piece of Paradise in every new place, because that's what life's really about - finding beauty in everything. So, we'll be making our way across the United States, one candle at a time.


It's Paradise was created by two students from the University of Hawai'i who wanted to capture the places, people, and moments that make life worth living. It was never just about candles, but finding a way to cherish the memories and adventures that matter most in life.

Our collection of candles are inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. From the picture-perfect beaches in Lanikai to your first sunrise on Haleakalā - we have a something for every nose.

Founded in their 'jungalow' home In Palolo Valley, Preston and Lexi started pouring candles designed around the most epic spots on Oahu, then Maui, and now Kauai. This didn't happen overnight though... They rigoursly tested waxes, fragrances, containers, and wicks until they landed on their 'super-secret-formula'. Now, they're on a mission to radiate Aloha through this community of aesthetic-loving-adventurers.