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We take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients on the market. Our candles are slow-poured with organic coconut-soy wax and finished with natural fragrance oils. Nothing but the best.

Each candle is expected to burn for at least 40 hours.

If you're ordering Wholesale from us, expect delivery anywhere from 3-10 days depending on current inventory. Custom orders are delivered 4-5 weeks after design approval. We work hard and fast.

Art is what makes our brand unique. We spend dozens of hours on each design because perfection is the only option. We'll ask you for images or ideas that represent your brand, then create a candle masterpiece.

Click 'SEND A MESSAGE' and fill out the form on the proceeding page. If you're dying to get started right now, fill out the 'Order Form' and email it to us - we'll get started ASAP